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About this Site

This online Planning Enquiry System allows you to access a copy of Galway City Council's live planning database, which is updated on a daily basis. The system allows you to search by Planning Number, Applicant Name, Location of Development and/or Application Date.

System Requirements
Internet Explorer 5.5 or greater is required for the Planning Enquiry system to work.

Screen Resolution Requirements

To optimise the visibility of the maps, it is recommended that the screen resolution of your PC be set to 1024 x 768 as a minimum. The application will run on a lower resolution but the map display will not be optimised.

GIS and MapGuide Technology and Download Required

The mapping element of this system is delivered using AutoDesk MapGuide 6.5, a Web GIS (Geographical Information System) technology. The interface will allow you to interact with the map, using pan and zoom tools to view a wide range of mapping for your area of interest.

The System also includes a “Where is” tool that allows you to search for and locate particular areas of interest on the map For this functionality to be available, you will need to download and install the Free Viewer that is supplied by Autodesk. Either click on the link below to go to the Autodesk site and download the viewer or let the Planning Enquiry system automatically download and install it for you. This process will only need to be done once.

Terms of Use:

Aerial Photography supplied by BKS Surveys Ltd. Other mapping contained in the Planning Enquiry Application has been supplied with the permission of the Ordnance Survey Ireland. Unauthorised reproduction infringes copyright laws and may lead to prosecution or civil proceedings.

Development Zones displayed in this system are meant purely as a Guide. The actual zoning, objectives and detailed planning policies are to be found in the Printed Written Statement and Maps of the "Galway City Council Development Plan 2011-2017".

It is the responsibility of any person wishing to use the personal data on planning applications and decisions lists for direct marketing purposes to be satisfied that they may do so legitimately under the requirements of the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003 taking into account of the preferences outlined by applicants in their applications. DOCUMENTS ARE FOR INSPECTION PURPOSES ONLY AND NO OTHER USE MAY BE MADE OF THE DOCUMENTATION WITHOUT THE LICENCE OF THE COPYRIGHT OWNER

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